Wind Turbine Generators

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Wind Turbine Generators


Wind turbine generators (WTG) convert kinetic wind energy into electrical power. The most prevalent type of wind turbine utilized for electric power generation are those of the horizontal-axis three bladed design. "Lift" is generated when wind flows around the turbine blades, resulting in rotation. Most blades can "pitch" or rotate along their main axis. This allows the turbine to shed wind when needed and serve as the turbine’s primary braking system. The blades are connected to a central hub and main shaft that turns a generator, whose power is made grid-ready by power electronics in the nacelle, the housing positioned atop the wind turbine tower.

USAF Relevance

For the military, wind generation enables installations to offset their fuel consumption by utilizing a free energy source and using federal property for the sites for the turbine generators. Furthermore, wind turbines offer resilience in their role as a variable generating source for microgrids. The Air Force has several onshore wind turbines installed and operating at installations.