Restoration Advisory Boards (RABs)

A Restoration Advisory Board, or RAB, is a forum to exchange information and discuss the environmental restoration program. The sole purpose of a RAB is to discuss all environmental efforts within the entire environmental restoration program and allow community members to provide input to the cleanup process.

RAB Factsheet | RAB Responsibilities

The responsibility of a RAB is to conduct regular meetings to discuss restoration efforts, discuss key issues, provide transparency and allow public involvement.  The RAB serves as a resource to help the community better understand the environmental restoration program as well as review and provide comments on current and future projects.

RABs provide a forum for two-way communication between the community and Air Force officials about environmental cleanup work on and around installations. The boards offer stakeholders access to the environmental restoration process and give members opportunities to review progress, participate in dialogue, and provide comments and advice to the installation's decision makers concerning environmental restoration matters.

Community members interested in serving as a member of a RAB can express their interest via email at or call 1-866-725-7617.  Please identify what installation you are interested in supporting.


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