Facility Engineering Directorate

The Facility Engineering Directorate, or CF, is a key enabler for the U.S. National Defense Strategy. The CF team designs and constructs cost-effective,AFCEC Facility Engineering Directorate sustainable built infrastructure which provides the power projection platforms necessary for air and space operations.

AFCEC’s diverse military, civilian and contracted facility engineering team also oversees Department of Defense and Department of the Air Force facilities criteria development while leveraging data-driven business practices to efficiently field construction materials and services. Additionally, it delivers safe, quality design and construction results, within established time and cost parameters.

Our Vision: Dedicated people applying our expertise, through a Team of Teams, to design and construct Built Infrastructure for Air and Space Missions.

Our Goal: To be respected leaders of Air Force Built Infrastructure Program delivery, recognized for design and construction excellence.

Our goal establishes how we will achieve our vision.

The directorate consists of five divisions providing integrated installation support through the design and construction of built infrastructure in the military construction program and the facilities sustainment, restoration and modernization program for the Air and Space missions.

Strategic Design & Construction division

Strategic Design and Construction DivisionThe Strategic Design and Construction Division provides cost-effective and sustainable design, execution and management for new construction projects, as the lead execution agent on behalf of both continental United States and remote overseas installations, for facility sustainment, restoration and modernization initiatives to include the Defense Logistics Agency, the National Air and Space Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office.

Contact the CFS team at afcec.cfs.workflow@us.af.mil

natural disaster recovery division

Natural Disaster Recovery Division at Tyndall AFB, Fla.The Natural Disaster Recovery Division, or CFD, was established in 2021 as part of the AFCEC Built Infrastructure Investment and Recapitalization Initiative. The division enhances the Department of the Air Force’s ability to recover from natural disasters and sustain mission operations at installations affected by these adverse events.
CFD is the Air Force’s center of expertise for innovative design, high-performance and cost-effective construction concepts to reduce infrastructure vulnerability and enhance combat power. The division delivers more resilient, adaptive and sustainable infrastructure to mitigate the effects of climate to installations and mission success. The division supports large-scale military construction rebuild efforts and facility sustainment, restoration and modernization construction projects like those at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, and Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida; both previously managed through separate program management offices. 

Email afcec.pmo.workflow@us.af.mil to reach the CFD team. For information on the efforts of the Tyndall AFB rebuild, visit here.

Technical Services Division

Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division, or CFT, serves as the Air Force and Space Force’s expert for managing architecture and interior design programs, facility design and construction standards and processes, and sustainability. The division consists of over 50 subject matter experts and specialists who create and maintain facility design and construction regulatory criteria, and perform technical reach-back services and program management analysis for military construction and facility sustainment, restoration and modernization programs. 

To contact the CFT team, email afcec.cft.workflow@us.af.mil

Military Design & Construction Division

Military Design and Construction DivisionThe Military Design and Construction Division, or CFM, manages the design and construction of military construction projects for the Air Force and Space Force. CFM delivers new facilities and infrastructure in support of current and future Air Force missions. It also delivers world-class design and construction management for military construction in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility.

To reach the CFM team, email afcec.cfm.workflow@us.af.mil

overseas facilities engineering support

The Facility Engineering Directorate oversees the delivery of military construction and facility sustainment, restoration and modernization programs in the Pacific and European Theaters through the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center’s Detachment 2 and Detachment 4, supporting Pacific Air Forces and U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa respectively. 

Prior to the standup of AFIMSC detachments, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, through CF, managed two “store fronts” for civil engineering support. 

nuclear enterprise division

Nuclear Enterprise DivisionThe Nuclear Enterprise Division, or CFN, aids Department of Defense efforts to modernize the nuclear enterprise in support of the U.S. nuclear triad. The division centralizes management and delivery of nuclear infrastructure to strengthen nuclear enterprise operations. CFN is the Air Force’s lead for design, construction and sustainment of facilities and infrastructure, environmental and real estate program management, supporting the U.S. Strategic Command's mission. 

The division partners with Air Force Global Strike Command headquarters and installations, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center and the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center’s Detachment 10 to execute a wide range of activities to construct sustainable infrastructure to accommodate new weapons systems. The division is managing new military construction as well as major renovations for the sustainment of existing infrastructure across the nuclear enterprise. CFN’s portfolio includes efforts for the Ground-Base Strategic Deterrent, and the Weapons Generation Facilities programs.

Email afcec.cfn.workflow@us.af.mil to contact the CFN team.