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The AFCEC Comprehensive Planning Division is the office of primary responsibility for all Air Installations Compatible use Zones, or AICUZ, actions and studies associated with the U.S. Air Force. The division oversees the development of installation AICUZ and related noise studies across the Air Force enterprise. It provides advice and assistance to installations and their commanders in reference to encroachment management and dealing with local communities and their governments.

What is AICUZ?

In 1973 the Department of Defense created the Air Installations Compatible Use Zones, or AICUZ, program in order to specifically assess development in noise and safety zones relating to air operations.  The goal of the AICUZ  program is to protect the health, safety and welfare of those living and working on or near military installations while ensuring continued flight operations, training missions and preserving the Air Force mission. 

To achieve these goals, AICUZ promotes development compatible with aircraft operations through the use of studies. The AICUZ study must be consistent with current land use planning principles and procedures as well as current techniques in noise assessment methodology. It may describe current -- or if possible -- projected air operations, provide recommendations for compatible land use development and support local long-range land use planning efforts adopted in accordance with nationally recognized standards. The AICUZ study should relate to state laws, enabling legislation, and local economic and political conditions. The AICUZ study is not an end in itself but rather one of many tools used by planners (on base and off) and decision makers to make reasonable land use decisions.  The studies are public documents and are usually available on the installation web site or through the public affairs office. For more information on AICUZ studies go here.  For frequently asked questions go here.

AICUZ References

UFC 3-260-01 - Airfield And Heliport Planning And Design. Provides standardized airfield, heliport, and airspace criteria for the geometric layout, design, and construction of runways, helipads, and safety zones. 

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