Installations Directorate

The Installations Directorate is part of  the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, a field operating agency of the Air Force Civil Engineer.  The directorate conducts the strategic acquisition, management, and disposal of Air Force real property. It executes the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations' land and facilities policies through a full suite of services, including appraisals, lease renewals, licenses, easements, title opinions, environmental cleanup and transfer of property impacted by Base Realignment and Closure legislation, and other support services.

The directorate is led by a civilian in the Senior Executive Service and comprised of four divisions: BRAC program management, real estate transaction, strategic asset utilization, and real property management.

BRAC Program Management Division
The BRAC Program Management Division, responsible for remediation and transfer of Air Force property affected by BRAC legislation, manages the disposal of Air Force property in accordance with BRAC law and the BRAC Master Plan to achieve early environmental resolution and early property disposal to return value to the Air Force and local communities. Through the BRAC Master Plan, division partners with public and private stakeholders to execute the mission and promote environmental awareness and economic opportunities.

Real Estate Transaction Division
The Real Estate Transaction Division, responsible for execution and oversight of real property transactions, manages all active duty and BRAC real estate actions. The division directly supports more than 160 Air Force installations worldwide and executes acquisitions and in-grants such as licenses, leases, permits, easements, gifts, condemnations, congressional notifications and Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative easements. The division also executes out-grants and disposals, congressional notifications, special waivers, fair-market value negotiations, and other complex property transfers.

Strategic Asset Utilization Division
The Strategic Asset Utilization Division, charged with identifying and developing real property value-based transactions, brings a business approach to asset management through value-based transactions like Enhanced Use Leases to generate value for installations. The division forms long-term collaborative efforts with private industry to develop projects that provide economic benefit and foster stronger relations with local communities. Through business development and project execution teams, the division helps installations harness private industry creativity and resources to deliver projects that yield maximum benefit to the Air Force and all stakeholders.

Real Property Management Division
The Real Property Management Division is responsible for long-term portfolio management of Air Force real property assets. The division provides Air Force corporate-level asset management by promoting the efficient and economical use of Air Force real property, while assuring management and accountability. The division also provides sustained, full-spectrum management of real property portfolio projects at all levels, and ensures lease compliance and project financials analysis and monitoring. By taking a portfolio view of real property assets, the division serves the broad needs of the Air Force while providing customized support for installations seeking real property solutions.

Current as of March 2013