Restoration Division, Environmental Center of Excellence

The Restoration Division belongs to the Environmental Center of Excellence, a directorate of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center. The Restoration Division provides programming and execution assistance to Air Force installations, major commands and other clients to transform Air Force environmental liabilities into operational assets. Division initiatives include remedial process optimization, performance-based management and technology transfer.

The Restoration Division is led by a military division chief and civilian deputy with branch managers supporting programming and execution activities. The restoration program management office manages, executes and provides fiduciary oversight of all Air Force remediation aspects relative to the installation restoration program, building demolition and debris removal, and the military munitions response program in the continental United States. The division is comprised of a Reporting and Analysis Branch, four program management and execution branches and a Base Realignment and Closure Support Branch.

Reporting and Analysis Branch
The Reporting and Analysis Branch manages and executes all environmental quality projects. The branch provides oversight and integration for all environmental restoration account-related projects, sites, and financial systems. In this regard, the branch develops ERA spend plans, tracks and reports performance measures, obligations, and environmental liabilities, provides data for the development of the Defense Annual Report to Congress, and responds to requests from outside agencies concerning regulatory reporting requirements. The branch also identifies technical capability requirements and maintains the Enterprise Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Management Information System data fields.

Program Management and Execution Branches

The Program Management Offices and Execution Branches are geographically organized teams tasked with programming, managing, and executing all ERA activities. In addition to managing planning, programming, and budget execution strategies, the branches also provide technical expertise to meet performance metrics and ensure technical adequacy. They conduct program management reviews to address funding priorities, issues, and performance, conduct external assessments, support tracking and reporting of restoration program status and progress and conduct data calls. The branches also execute ERA restoration projects, manage and maintain administrative records, lead the effort to partner, negotiate, and interface with representatives of state and federal regulatory agencies and provide support to natural resource damages trustees.

BRAC Support Branch

The BRAC Support Branch manages and executes all BRAC-related restoration activities. Specific responsibilities include developing, executing, and overseeing restoration contracts, developing site-specific strategies for remediating sites and validating remediation projects. The branch staff also manages performance-based contract and collaborates with regulatory agency representatives at the state and federal level to guide BRAC site remediation.

Current as of October 2012