Operations Directorate

The Operations Directorate of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, a field operating agency of the Air Force Civil Engineer, provides direct technical, managerial and training expertise to the Air Force civil engineering community with emphasis on operations and maintenance of the built environment.

The Operations Directorate, located at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., consists of five divisions: asset visibility, operations maintenance, engineer, the Civil Engineer Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Team and force development.

Asset Visibility Division
The Asset Visibility Division collects data on the performance of facility and infrastructure assets to inform the corporate financial allocations in keeping with mission requirements. The division standardizes and conducts facility and horizontal infrastructure assessments to recommend energy-saving projects and other investment-grade activities. The division also manages the Airfield Pavement Evaluation Team, which tests the strength and condition of airfield pavements worldwide.

Operations Maintenance Division
The Operations Maintenance Division is responsible for rightsizing the preventive maintenance program and standardizing operations flight work task priorities to ensure Air Force critical infrastructure remains functional. Through the use of strategic sourcing, the division analyzes resource needs and spending habits to find ways to acquire commodities and services more effectively. The division helps optimize the efficiency of civil engineering shops by identifying and recommending state-of-the-art technology, tools, vehicles and training.

Engineer Division
The Engineer Division provides facilities and infrastructure systems subject matter expert technical guidance and consultation to combatant and major commands. The division's SMEs create, interpret and apply standards for design, construction, operations and maintenance of the built infrastructure and represent the Air Force on the tri-service Unified Facilities Criteria Publications Groups. The division is also responsible for conducting research and development efforts to advance and transition state-of-the-art engineering practices to the field.

Civil Engineer Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Team Division
With operating locations at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., and Travis AFB, Calif., the division provides Air Force-wide maintenance, installation and repair support for day-to-day operations or emergency response of electrical distribution and power generation systems, aircraft arresting systems, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. The division deploys mobile teams to support power requirements for contingency operations and natural disaster responses worldwide and provides certification and accreditation for civil engineer industrial control systems to safeguard infrastructure assets against cyber-security threats.

Force Development Division
The division is responsible for the education and training of nine enlisted Operations and Programs Flights AFSCs.The Force Development Managers develop and maintain the Career Field Education and Training Plans and Wartime Task Standards for approximately 21,000 Total Force Civil Engineers. The FDMs direct updates to Career Development Courses, in-resident technical training, computer-based training, Qualitative Training Packages and skill-level awarding end of course assessments. The division manages both the Civil Engineer Virtual Learning Center under the Advanced Distributive Learning System and the Air Force Training Record program.

Current as of December 2012