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Planning & Integration Directorate

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center Planning & Integration Directorate provides a comprehensive framework to enable strategic and long-term planning to support the Air Force and its customers at the combined, joint, major command and installation levels through development of investment strategies. It ensures the right acquisition strategies and tools are available to execute the CE enterprise investment strategy.

Planners provide input to the National Environmental Policy Act process, analyze installation complexes, and manage installation development and encroachment. Integrators analyze the Enterprise Activity Management Plan Program development investment, define and prioritize requirements, and advocate for facilities, utilities and transportation. The directorate is divided into three divisions:

Comprehensive Planning Division
In the Comprehensive Planning Division, the Installation Complex Development Branch provides specialized expertise for installation development planning and aligns requirements for strategic value and investment planning. The branch also conducts and updates enterprise analysis for capacity and sustainability indicators. The branch leads Installation Planning Teams directly supporting specific planning requirements. The Regional Development Planning Branch evaluates installation complex suitability and sustainability for current and future missions with active management of encroachment, noise, Air Installation Compatible Use Zone, and real property issues. The branch drives engagement with private, local, state and federal agencies to provide planning solutions for, or mitigation of, negative impacts to installations and missions.

Activity Integration Division
In the Activity Integration Division, the Comprehensive Program Development Branch manages the Air Force Activity Management Plans (AFAMP) and the Air Force Comprehensive Asset Management Plan (AFCAMP). The AFAMP process ensures activities, programs and portfolios are resourced across the Future Years Defense Program through Program Objective Memorandum advocacy and support. The AFCAMP process supports mission and planning, programming, project validation and execution process needs to develop alternative investment strategies. The Built Infrastructure Activities Analysis Branch defines built infrastructure (facilities, utilities, and transportation) requirements and opportunities before projects are developed and programmed. The branch establishes standards for built infrastructure data and information, and prioritizes requirements and opportunities enabling the Air Force to buy down requirements by priorities and manage risk to Airmen and mission.

Enterprise Procurement Division
The Enterprise Procurement Division ensures the right acquisition strategies and tools are available to execute the Civil Engineer enterprise investment strategy. The division champions: enterprise acquisition to establish flexible contractual programs and enhance acquisition processes and tracking; enterprise partnering to create successful business partnerships with Air Force/non-Air Force contracting agencies; enterprise sourcing to seek enterprise sourcing opportunities to acquire commodities and services more effectively and efficiently; and category management as the Air Force lead agent on the Facilities and Construction Category Federal Team, seeking government-wide initiatives to increase efficiency while reducing costs and redundancies.

Current as of February 2017