Environmental Innovative Technology Projects

Mission - The Air Force Civil Engineer Center Environmental Directorate Broad Agency Announcement seeks to fund better, faster and more sustainable environmental solutions for the Air Force.


- Since 2008, the AFCEC Environmental Directorate has provided funds for the AFCEC Broad Agency Announcement, or BAA. The competition is full and open, with no restrictions on the type or size of firms eligible for award.

Contact - For additional information on AFCEC BAAs email afcec.czte.baa@us.af.mil.

Summarized ITP Process

1. Statements of need, or SONs, for innovative technologies and methodologies are identified through environmental restoration programs, including emerging contaminants/issues, complex site initiatives and critical process analyses, as well as by remedial program managers.

2. SONs are annually announced or solicited through a BAA. The amount of Phase I pre-proposals received has varied greatly from year-to-year, with each reviewer answering these six questions:
  • Is there a level of innovation of the proposed technology, methodology or process?
  • Is the offeror capable of performing the proposed work?
  • Is there scientific and technical merit within the proposal?
  • Is there potential cost effectiveness of the resulting technology, methodology or process proposed?
  • Is the potential breadth of application to solve Air Force-wide problems and address Air Force needs?
  • Is the price of the demonstration and validation or process reasonable?
Next, the reviewer selects the appropriate category by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal reviewed.
  • Category I: Scientifically, technically and price sound; meets Air Force need; moves on to Phase II Full Proposal. 
  • Category II: Scientifically, technically and price sound but needs development, meets Air Force need, but at a lower priority than Category I. 
  • Category III: Further technical development needed and/or price unreasonable for efforts. 
  • Category IV: Not technically sound or does not meet Air Force needs.
3. AFCEC performs a down-select process and identifies the best Category I, and potentially Category II, proposals that qualify for Phase II full proposals.

4. The proposals that best satisfy the SONs are selected for award.