Hurlbert Field Military Family Housing EA

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act and Air Force regulations, Hurlburt Field, Fla., has completed a Draft Environmental Assessment, or EA, and Finding of No Significant Impact/Finding of No Practicable Alternative, or FONSI/FONPA, to evaluate the consequences of construction of utility laterals and portions of driveways within the 100‐year floodplain at the Hurlburt Field Soundside Manor housing area. As part of the demolition of existing homes and new construction, the estimated amount of housing unit square footage within the floodplain would be reduced to zero, and the amount of driveway and sidewalk square footage within the floodplain would be reduced by approximately 4,500 square feet and 900 square feet, respectively. The public is invited to review these documents and make comments during the 30-day comment period which will end Aug. 11, 2014. To comment, or for more information, contact us by mail at Leidos, 9335 Barrington Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37922; e-mail: or phone: (865) 300-0612.

Hurlburt MHPI Draft Environmental Assessment

Hurlburt MHPI Draft Notice of Availability