DOD-wide appraisal program goes in to effect April 1 for AF civilians

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  • By AFCEC Public Affairs

The majority of Air Force appropriated civilian employees will transition to a new management and appraisal program April 1.

The program, Department of Defense-wide Performance Management and Appraisal Program, or DPMAP, doesn’t include employees excluded under applicable laws.

DPMAP is part of the Defense Department’s “New Beginnings” effort, said Air Force personnel officials, and is designed to provide “a fair, credible and transparent” way to link employee bonuses to performance appraisals.

“Our Airmen, including our civilian Airmen, are critical to accomplishing the Air Force’s mission,” said Air Force officials. “New Beginnings focuses on institutionalizing a culture of high performance through greater employee-supervisor communication and accountability, increased employee engagement, transparent processes, and improved capabilities in recruiting, developing and rewarding our workforce.”

To prepare the workforce for this change, mandatory six-hour, web-based training is available now via Joint Knowledge Online and should be completed no later than Jan. 31, said Gary Neal, Air Force Civil Engineer Center human resources director.

In addition to the mandatory training, Neal recommends employees visit the DOD Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service website, via the “New Beginnings” icon, to view checklists, guides, fact sheets, training videos and the instructor-led training materials.

“Employees should also begin thinking now about performance goals and how those goals align with DOD, Air Force and organizational missions and goals,” he said.

The first annual appraisal period for the Air Force begins April 1 and runs through March 31, 2018. 

The new program will bring some administrative changes, but the key tenet of the current civilian evaluation system will be retained -- individual performance will be linked to organizational mission and goals, personnel officials said.

As with any new system, Neal acknowledged that some employees may be a little apprehensive about the transition to the new system. 

“Knowledge of what’s to come relieves apprehension,” Neal said, “so I encourage every covered civilian, and every 1st and 2nd level supervisor for those covered – military too – to garner as much knowledge on DPMAP now. Doing so will ensure a smooth transition, and we’ll all be more effective at our work and move toward the accomplishment of DOD, Air Force and AFCEC’s mission and goals.”

Basics of DPMAP
The basics of DPMAP includes:

The program has three levels of appraisal: 5, 3 and 1 with 5 being the highest assessment.

DPMAP will use a standardized automated performance appraisal tool called MyPerformance to create, review and approve performance plans, document modifications, progress reviews, employee input and performance appraisals. 

Only one form, DD Form 2906, will be used as compared to four forms under the current appraisal system.

“DPMAP is a solid program,” Neal added, “with a set framework for supervisors and managers to communicate expectations and job performance; and for employees to understand how their jobs fit in to their organization’s goals and missions; and be rightfully rewarded for performance that supports mission success.  It’s about clear guidance and continuous feedback – not about the 365th day.”