AFCEC directorate hosts pilot TRIRIGA workshop

  • Published
  • By Susan H. Lawson
The Air Force Civil Engineer Center and IBM collaborated during a workshop recently to assist operations personnel with their continuing implementation of the new TRIRIGA Real Property maintenance software. The software provides an integrated asset management structure for CE.

The team from AFCEC Operations Directorate’s Operations Maintenance Division and IBM held eight course blocks over three full days to garner feedback on the TRIRIGA system and operations flight business processes, and capture best practices and recommended improvements in the operations flight area.

“Our goal was multi-faceted,” said Ed Quinn, business process specialist at AFCEC. “We were looking in part to garner lessons learned while facilitating an in-depth look at current TRIRIGA steps and processes from an operations flight member’s perspective as they relate to the customer service unit work group and foreman work group roles.”

Throughout the workshop, AFCEC presented material to provide attendees a comprehensive understanding of the overall business process of “who does what and when” while allowing bases a better comprehension of how to use the data available. This included examples of how to build and apply simple reports in TRIRIGA from Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, and Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington.

Attendees were asked to provide anonymous feedback throughout the workshop on the various topics of discussion and advice. Comments gathered included:
“Now we understand that we are not 100-percent following the processes and have a better feel for the potential impact skipping steps might have” and

“I plan to engage with superintendents more and involve them in TRIRIGA.”

In addition to focusing on training, attendees were also provided a broader grasp of TRIRIGA, new business processes and how these are inter-related. This facilitated attendees leaving with knowledge of the processes as a whole and increased insight into TRIRIGA.

At the conclusion of the event, attendees were encouraged to pass on their newly acquired knowledge to the rest of their squadrons and champion the integration of TRIRIGA into daily work management processes.

“This workshop event was the first of its kind and we are confident, based on participants' positive feedback, we intend to develop a series of the workshops in the near future,” said Maj. Robert Liu, operations maintenance chief at AFCEC.