Force development team hosts ETRC in Ramstein

  • Published
  • By Susan H. Lawson
Members of the force development team from the Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Operations Directorate hosted the 2017 civil engineer Education and Training Review Committee, known as the ETRC, recently at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

A full week of collaboration, brainstorming and camaraderie led to several action items to ensure positive change for all CE enlisted career fields, build relationships to strengthen the CE community amid recent organizational changes and develop good rapport between those in a position to significantly improve enlisted training.

“We had a great meeting,” said Col. Timothy Dodge, director of the AFCEC Operations Directorate. “The ETRC brings together CE enlisted leaders every year at a different, world-class training location to ensure our Airmen are provided the most current and effective training that the world’s best Air Force can deliver. Insights and ideas were shared that would otherwise not have happened without this annual forum.”

The event targeted CE career field managers, or CFMs; major command functional managers, or MFMs; and representatives from each contingency and Air Education and Training Command technical schoolhouse, including representatives from the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves.

While approval authority for changes within specific CE Air Force specialties lies with the MFMs and CFMs, the ETRC provided an opportunity for leaders from all CE training platforms to be better informed on education and training within the CE community and provide feedback on concerns.

“The turnout was great, the diversity of viewpoints fueled great discussion and solutions to issues we face in training civil engineers,” said Senior Master Sgt. Stewart Herringshaw, electrical power production force development manager at AFCEC.

During the meeting, attendees discussed education options and potential certification processes for CE Airmen. AFCEC is looking heavily into third party credentialing and certification across the traditional Air Force specialty codes, 3E0-3E6, to better align military training to the civilian sector.

"The goal is to bridge the skills gap and provide recognition of the value of military training and experience, and ensure transition into civilian employment after a member retires or separates,” said Master Sgt. Ron Oudean, pavements and construction equipment force development manager at AFCEC.

“Additionally, this program is a total-force initiative that benefits all components of Air Force, active duty, guard and reserve. This initiative is strongly supported by Maj. Gen. Timothy Green, director of Air Force civil engineers, and Chief Master Sgt. John Wilde, civil engineer chief of enlisted matters."

Some examples of certification opportunities involve civilian crane certification which would be valid for 60 months, tractor trailer training from the Professional Truck Driver’s Institute, and heating, ventilation and refrigeration advanced training.

For more information on force development training options, contact the AFCEC Reachback Center at, 850-283-6995 or visit the CE Dash website.