AFCEC validates Silver Flag training at Ramstein

  • Published
  • By Susan H. Lawson
  • AFCEC Public Affairs
Members of the force development team from the Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Operations and Readiness Directorates recently evaluated the Silver Flag training site at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

The evaluation was essential to ensure training is standardized across the Air Force’s three Silver Flag training sites, confirm training follows standardized lesson plans and ensure wartime training standards are met.

The team members observed contingency training to identify any recommended improvements along with getting feedback from Airmen receiving the training. This enabled them to provide improved, consistent lesson plans needed for Airmen to be prepared to perform critical wartime missions.

During training at the site, the team witnessed fire training, simulated smoke inhalation hazards and teamwork in action.

“The methods used surpassed our expectations and they did a great job,” said Chief Master Sgt. Nathan Adams, force development division chief at AFCEC.

By evaluating the training, the group was able to see first-hand how Airmen would react and perform in expeditionary environments.

“We evaluated the 435th Construction and Training Squadron’s training methods and validated they are providing the right training,” said Col. Timothy Dodge, director of the AFCEC Operations Directorate. “They are doing an outstanding job ensuring civil engineer Airmen are ready to execute their wartime mission.”

Silver Flag exercises wartime tasks that are essential to participating Airmen’s skills development because they demonstrate the capability to perform specific AFSC tasks in contingency situations, said Dodge.

Force development managers continue to evaluate and improve the contingency training program for Airmen worldwide.

For more information about the force development team, contact the AFCEC Reachback Center at, 850-283-6995 or visit the CE Dash website.