AEMR is now AEMRR - 2017 Annual Energy Management and Resilience Report

  • Published
  • By J. Brian Garmon
  • AFCEC Public Affairs
The Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Energy Measurement and Analysis Division, or AFCEC/CNA, is ramping up for the 2017 Annual Energy Management and Resilience Report, otherwise known as the AEMRR.

In last year’s report, the Air Force reported reducing energy intensity by 4.1 percent, which exceeded their 2.5 percent goal. Energy consumption was reduced to 55,130 billion British Thermal Units, or BBTU, from 57,407 BBTU in fiscal year 2015. In addition to weather and mission operations tempo contributions, many bases reported direct funding, third party funding and aggressive energy awareness programs as significant factors.

The AEMRR compiles various components of the Air Force energy program into one report, which is submitted to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, or OSD, who submits the report to the Department of Energy, or DOE, along with all Federal Agencies. DOE then submits a final report to Congress.

To produce the AEMRR, AFCEC/CNA collects, collates and summarizes a variety of information to include annual consumption and costs for various utility types, renewable energy, energy/water conservation projects, utility outages and facility sustainable design. Additionally, they calculate various metrics identified in Executive Order 13693, “Planning for Federal Sustainability in the next Decade.” Key measures include facility energy/water intensity, renewable energy usage and building energy efficiency standards.

“The AEMRR is a coordinated effort between installation energy managers, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard MAJCOM staff and AFCEC to bring the entire year’s energy information together,” said Deven Volk, AFCEC/CNA Analyst and Air Force lead on this project. “It takes a lot of teamwork to pull it all together within a limited timeframe.”

For this year’s report, annual OSD instructions have been received, and AFCEC/CNA is preparing an AEMRR Air Force guidance document along with appropriate workbooks, which installation energy managers will complete and return to AFCEC for compilation. The instructions and workbooks will be provided to installations by the first week of August with a completion due date of Sept. 18. Training sessions are being scheduled 7 through 11 Aug. Additional details will be identified in the Air Force AEMRR Guidance.

“AFCEC is here as a resource to support your installation through this process,” said Volk. “The instructions we send out in August will list points of contact that can answer any questions during the reporting process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for support.”