Rucking for heroes

  • Published
  • By Glenn S. Robertson
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

The Coronavirus has placed restrictions on the daily lives of people around the globe. Yet, some Airmen refuse to allow the restrictions of the current environment become limitations on their abilities.

Following social distancing protocol, more than 80 Airmen from the 90th Civil Engineer Squadron participated in a “virtual ruck march” May 7, 2020 on F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming.

The event, organized by Tech Sgt. Allen Adams, Prime BEEF manager for the 90 CES, required participants to ruck a minimum of 3 miles while carrying at least 15 pounds to honor first responders and medical professionals across the U.S.

“It’s another way that we can get together without actually being together,” said Adams. “Plus, we can push together for readiness and honor the people who are fighting COVID-19.”

The event started with a commander’s call conducted through a video conferencing program, then each participant began their own individual ruck march with their distances recorded by phone applications.

Some went to Curt Gowdy State Park, some used treadmills and some marched around the parade field and other places on base, but they maintained social distancing protocol.

“Where they do it really wasn’t important,” said Adams. “As long as they meet their minimums and recorded their effort, we’ve accomplished the mission.”

Lt. Col. Brian Low, 90 CES commander, explained the squadron has continued to explore new, innovative ways to maintain unit cohesion and mission readiness throughout the pandemic.

“My guys are pretty creative,” said Low. “We’re doing squadron PT on Zoom and events like this, and while we’re not able to do full contingency training, we’ve been able to come up with innovative ways to maintain readiness while we get through this.”

The Airmen of 90 CES and their families who rucked more than 300 miles in one day helped prove that resilience, unit cohesion and readiness is still possible, despite restrictions on coming together.