MOMC: Meet Cathy Steinman

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JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – It’s Month of the Military Child!  Since the 1980s, we have taken time out to recognize the huge sacrifices our military kids have and continue to make on behalf of our nation. This month, we applaud military kids – young and old – for not only the daily sacrifices made but also for the challenges they are able to overcome. 

Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center recognizes the importance military children have in the success of our mission. We asked AFIMSC military and civilians to share their experiences as military children. 

Meet Cathy Steinman with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Reporting and Analysis Branch at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. Cathy shares her experience as a military child when her father proudly served in the U.S. Army.  

Here’s more from Steinman:

What does Month of the Military Child mean to you?
It reminds me of my father’s 21 years of service in the U.S. Army and that I benefited greatly from the broadening experience as a military child.

What was life like being a military child?
It introduced me to other countries and diverse cultures. It shaped me to be open and worldly as a youth. I had a wonderful upbringing and experienced an inclusive community as a half-Korean child.

How did you cope through those changes, through youth centers, camps or community centers, etc.?
My family lived on the installation at every station and they were always equipped with fun amenities for kids. I frequented the youth centers, gyms, community pools and playgrounds; especially when we freshly arrived at a new station and I was seeking new friends. As military children, we learned to adapt and make friends quickly. That ability has benefited me as an adult and in my professional career.

Was being a military child a strong influence in you serving in the military or as a federal employee?
Thinking about it now, I would say yes. It even influenced me to work at the Randolph AFB NCO Club while in college. I was a bartender… now that is a skill set that is beneficial as an adult!