AF signs lease for multi-sports complex project with City of Goldsboro

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The Air Force and the City of Goldsboro, North Carolina, signed a lease March 25 for a multi-sports complex on the perimeter of neighboring Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base.

The Enhanced Use Lease, or EUL, enables the City of Goldsboro to develop and manage a multi-sports complex on 62 acres of underutilized, non-excess property on the perimeter of the base. Once constructed, the complex will consolidate several sports fields scattered throughout the community into a single, modern sports complex.

In exchange for the 20-year lease, the base will receive consideration primarily consisting of a 2,500 square foot addition to the existing fitness center at Seymour-Johnson AFB.  

EULs are long-term agreements between the Air Force and public or private developers to lease non-excess Air Force property in exchange for cash or in-kind consideration; the program is managed through the Air Force Civil Engineer Center.

"EULs are an effective way for installations to optimize the value of under-utilized property," said James Fitzpatrick, AFCEC's EUL program chief. "This project is unique because it also promotes community partnership."

The AFCEC Installations Directorate acquires, manages and disposes of Air Force-controlled real property worldwide.  As of the close of FY15, the Air Force has received $79.7 million from value-based transactions executed and managed by the Installations Directorate. Based on net present value, the Air Force estimates these deals will garner nearly $258 million throughout the life of these projects.