CEMIRT performs periodic maintenance of caterpillar generator, other repairs

  • Published
  • By Susan Lawson
  • AFCEC Public Affairs

Repairing large industrial generators while saving taxpayer dollars is just the beginning of what the Civil Engineer Maintenance Inspection and Repair Team, or CEMIRT, does regularly at installations around the world.


A team from the Travis Air Force Base, California, division of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center Operations Directorate recently conducted periodic maintenance of 70 industrial generators, 20 fire deluge pumps and four BAK-12 aircraft arresting systems at various locations across Edwards AFB, California.


"Edwards Air Force Base is just one of CEMIRT’s success stories assisting our fellow Power Pro Civil Engineers in the field,” said John McKern, power production foreman for CEMIRT at Travis. “Not only does CEMIRT overhaul and maintain large kilowatt generators, we provide field assistance in troubleshooting and maintaining a variety of generators, fire deluge engines and pumps, and MEP-12 generator sets.”


The 9-million-square-foot installation at Edwards upholds a preventive maintenance schedule that include generators. Edwards is comprised of six power production technicians to maintain their generators and aircraft arresting systems.


The professionals at CEMIRT are able to provide manpower and experience to complete the preventive maintenance, saving the Air Force manpower costs and potential costs of damage to equipment from deferred maintenance. They provide depot-level experience which they apply to a wide variety of electrical generation and distribution equipment.


“Our experience with CEMIRT has been a pleasant one,” said Murray Westley, director of the 412th Civil Engineer Squadron at Edwards. “They reached out and provided assistance with our preventive maintenance and the relationship has been phenomenal.”


For more information on CEMIRT’s capabilities contact the AFCEC reach back center at afcec.rbc@us.af.mil or 850-283-6995.