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  • Former Air Force radar dome now a wildlife rehab facility

    Before McClellan Air Force Base closed in 2001, the maintenance directorate on the base utilized a massive 30-foot radar dome for research and development of the AN/FPS 117, a three-dimensional (azimuth-range-height) phased array antenna radar. Today the Wildlife Care Association is reusing the facility, which bears resemblance to a small-scale version of Disney’s Epcot Center.
  • Former McClellan Air Force Base Wins “National Federal Facility Excellence in Site Reuse” Award

    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Base Realignment and Closure division won the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s first annual National Federal Facility Excellence in Site Reuse award in the National Priorities List-BRAC category for its efforts at the former McClellan Air Force Base, May 2, 2018.
  • AFCEC reaches another milestone in cleanup efforts at former McClellan AFB

    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center and regulatory agencies recently agreed to decommission one of the first Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) units employed at the former McClellan Air Force Base, California.The unit, known as Investigative Cluster, or IC-1, completed its job removing more than 5,500 pounds of volatile organic compounds from the
  • AFCEC achieves major milestone, transfers parcel of former base for public airport use

    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center reached another major milestone with the transfer of 923 acres from former McClellan Air Force Base, California, for public airport use. From sunup to sundown fire-fighting aircraft of all sizes lift off from McClellan. These large aircraft, one after another, make the giant loop from Sacramento to the North Bay.
  • Air Force reaches anniversary milestone at former McClellan base

    The groundwater treatment plant on the former McClellan Air Force Base is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. While cleanup workers won’t be trading their hard hats for party caps, the progress made during the last three decades is plenty of reason to celebrate.  During its tenure as an active-duty base, McClellan served as a major hub for
  • Air Force Transfers McClellan Deeds to Sacramento County for Redevelopment

    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center signed two deeds for property at the former McClellan Air Force Base this month, transferring 183.4 acres to Sacramento County.The county will in turn transfer the property to McClellan Business Park, the former military base's developer. Since closure in 2001, approximately 60 percent of the 3,450-acre military
  • AFCEC leverages technology to remediate, restore contaminated sites

    From taming "tower plumes" to conquering contaminants, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center has a long history of leveraging technology to remediate and restore contaminated sites across the United States.AFCEC, originally known as the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence when founded in 1991, serves as the Air Force's center for
  • Closer to closure: McClellan’s Soil Vapor Extraction Systems working their way into extinction

    Steadily chugging along since the early 1990s, the soil vapor extraction systems at the former McClellan Air Force Base here are progressively heading the way of the dinosaur - into extinction.The majority of the soil cleanup systems at McClellan have already worked themselves out of a job. They've removed all of the contaminants they can reach and
  • AFCEC team lives up to protect, serve motto at former western bases

    "To protect and serve" is a motto commonly embossed on the side of policecars.For the Air Force Civil Engineer Center field team at the former McClellan Air Force Base here, even though they don't carry a badge or a gun, that motto also fits nicely when describing their work at the BRAC base in Sacramento, Calif.Since closing in 2001, McClellan has
  • Former McClellan AFB continues to protect, serve as public safety hub

    For 65 years the former McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, Calif., protected and served our nation. In 2001, the Base Realignment and Closure Act closed McClellan's gates, but opened the door for a new generation of protection and service in the Sacramento region and beyond. Today, as the former installation continues to successfully evolve