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  • Air Force Begins Fifth 5-Year Review of Environmental Cleanup Activities at Former Norton Air Force Base

    Recently, the Air Force will begin its fifth 5-Year Review of environmental cleanup work at the former Norton Air Force Base. Reviews are formal evaluations and serve as a report card of the ongoing restoration activities. AFCEC performs these reviews at all closed bases undergoing cleanup under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). The reviews conducted are in coordination with the EPA and the State of California (Department of Toxic Substances Control and California Regional Water Control Board).
  • 196th ‘Shooting Star’ Shines in New Norton AFB Showcase

    The 196th Attack Squadron boasts a storied history, but Chapter One was missing in action: How it was stood up as the 196th Fighter Squadron from 1946 to 1950 at San Bernardino Army Air Field—later Norton Air Force Base—only to produce legendary flyers, officers, and leaders above and beyond the California Air National Guard.A three-year project to
  • Old Crew Dogs Make Sure Norton's Military Legacy Stays Alive

    Thanks to a group of retired Air Force C-141 "Crew Dogs," the legacy of Norton Air Force Base, lives on. Members of the 63rd and 445th Airlift Wings Veterans Group were instrumental in the recent opening of the Norton Air Force Base Museum, located in the former NCO club at the San Bernardino International Airport. Since closure in 1994, Norton has
  • Amazon bringing 1,000-plus jobs to former Norton Air Force Base

    Folks living here received excellent news recently: Amazon will be leasing a huge building, currently under construction at the former Norton Air Force Base, and filling it with more than 1,000 workers.The 950,000-square-foot building is located on Central Avenue, east of Tippecanoe Avenue, in an area which once served as the base's golf course.
  • Closed Air Force Bases Open for Green Business: Recycling on a grand scale

    Whether it's small as a cell phone or big as a 5,000-acre Air Force base, it can be recycled. J.D. Wang, CEO of a company called reRubber, believes we can recycle anything if we put our minds to it. So it seems fitting that his tire-recycling company is expanding into a recycled building - once the commissary at the former Norton Air Force Base in
  • New Parking Lot Solar Project Completed at Former Norton Air Force Base

    A $2.8 million solar project providing shaded parking while generating energy has been completed at the San Bernardino International Airport, located on the former Norton Air Force Base. The project, located across the street from the new terminal, consists of eight modular structures in the airport's parking lot, each of them covered with 336