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  • Public Meeting July 25: Agencies Update on Drinking Water Issues

    Federal, state, county and local agencies are hosting an open house Tuesday, July 25, from 5 to 8 p.m., at Janitell Junior High School, 7635 Fountain Mesa Road, Fountain, Colorado.
  • AF to conduct follow-on sampling, launch remedial investigation at Wurtsmith

    The Air Force will soon conduct a second round of drinking water sampling and is preparing to launch a focused remedial investigation to determine if chemicals from firefighting foam used at the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan, pose a risk to drinking water supplies. Air Force officials announced the sampling during a public meeting in
  • AFCEC proactively pursuing environmental stewardship at Fairchild AFB

    The Air Force is taking proactive measures to reduce the risk of mission-related PFOS/PFOA contamination to installation and nearby communities’ drinking water sources by working to eliminate the use of PFOS-containing AFFF, and is also testing groundwater at a variety of locations to determine if any additional actions are required.
  • Environmental stewards ensure safe, clean ground water

    Driving around base, Airmen might notice large equipment drilling into the ground and workers wearing personal protective equipment.This work is safe for the environment, personnel and the community, and is part of a base-wide effort to remediate soil and ground water contaminations at locations on base where there is known contamination from
  • AF continues sampling, launches study at former Michigan base

    The Air Force is conducting further water sampling and launched a technological study at former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan. Both efforts are part of the Air Force-wide response to potential drinking water contamination related to the service’s fire-fighting activities.  Nearly 200 members of the Oscoda community and Air Force
  • Air Force reaffirms community commitment, provides PFOS/PFOA update at Peterson AFB

    The Air Force is installing groundwater monitoring wells at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, to help determine if the use of firefighting foam at the installation may have contributed to drinking water contamination in local communities. The wells are part of the Air Force’s site inspection project to determine if perfluorooctanesulfonic and
  • Air Force moves forward to build treatment systems

    The Air Force has submitted remedial designs to the Environmental Protection Agency for two large-scale groundwater treatment systems to protect drinking water supply wells on and near the former Pease Air Force Base, New Hampshire, from exposure to perfluorooctanesulfonic and perfluorooctanoic acids, or PFOS and PFOA. PFOS and PFOA are compounds
  • RAB reestablished at former Pease AFB, first meeting set for April 19

    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center, or AFCEC, has reestablished the Restoration Advisory Board at the former Pease Air Force Base, with the first meeting to be held April 19, 2016.  The Pease Restoration Advisory Board, or RAB, is a stakeholder group that will meet quarterly to discuss ongoing environmental restoration of Pease. It provides
  • Air Force, EPA work together to protect drinking water

    Through a cooperative effort with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Air Force has provided a statement of intent to EPA's Region I administrator to both assure the safety of the drinking water from wells on the former Pease Air Force Base and address environmental contamination from perfluorinated chemicals in the underlying aquifer. 
  • AF complies with EPA order, committed to protection of human health & environment

    The Air Force has confirmed it will comply with an Environmental Protection Agency order to perform work necessary to clean up contaminated water at the former Pease Air Force Base, New Hampshire. "The Air Force is committed to the protection of human health and the environment in connection with releases or potential releases of perfluorooctanoic