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  • AFCEC’s APE team continues to certify essential evaluators despite COVID-19 restrictions

    TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – A virtual training partnership between the Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Airfield Pavement Evaluations team and the Air Force Institute of Technology continues to ensure mission critical certification of airfield pavement evaluators in the age of COVID-19.Pre-COVID-19, students would travel to Tyndall for the
  • APE ensures mission-ready airfields

    It takes a lot of pavement to launch an Air Force -- 2.2 billion square feet -- and in 2019, a Tyndall-based team of airfield engineers set a blistering pace to ensure that pavement was able to support aircraft worldwide in flying more than 1.2 million hours.
  • Evaluation team uses non-destructive testing on JBER Airfields

    Following the Nov. 30 earthquakes rocking the Anchorage, Alaska area, team Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson immediately leapt into action evaluating, cleaning up and repairing damages sustained.
  • AFCEC's Airfield Pavement Evaluation Team wins One Air Force Award

    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Airfield Pavement Evaluation Team received the General Mark A. Welsh III One Air Force Award for demonstrating improved effectiveness, operational readiness and mission accomplishment through integrated solutions.
  • AFCEC uses off the shelf technology to deliver faster, better and cheaper solutions

    In an era of diminishing resources and increased operational deployments, military officials are driven to find fast, cost-effective solutions to problems that previously would have been solved through years of study, refinement and practical trials. Today’s reality requires that engineers, scientists and program managers deliver products to the
  • APE Team evaluates Hill AFB airfield

    Evaluating airfields for aircraft suitability can be an arduous task when heat and wind are part of the work environment. Airfield pavement evaluation, or APE, team members recently experienced this first-hand when they performed an airfield pavement evaluation at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.An Air Force Civil Engineer Center Operations Directorate
  • APE team saves the day

    Members of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center Airfield Pavement Evaluation Team helped save lives following a multi-vehicle accident in Avon Park, Florida, this past February.The team members had completed their work for the day and were enjoying dinner when they heard the sounds of crashing and screeching metal."We stepped back from the wall