Air Force Wildland Fire Branch

The Air Force Wildland Fire Branch, part of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center Environmental Directorate, was established in July 2012 to manage increasing wildland fire threats to Air Force missions.

The AFWFB is a collaborative operation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Colorado State University, Bureau of Land Management, and the University of Montana, focused on ensuring military preparedness through the execution of fuel reduction activities and wildfire mitigation.

Ensure military mission capability and readiness through a strategic, cost effective, wildland fire program that provides ecosystem management, promotes long term range sustainment, leverages partnerships, and provides key fire related information to decision makers.


- Reduce wildfire threats to Air Force mission assets and personnel through fuel reduction treatments

- Develop guidance for execution of wildland fire suppression, mitigation, prescribed fire, and hazardous fuel reduction on Air Force installations

- Provide strategic, logistical, and “boots on the ground” wildland fire support to ensure military preparedness

- Leverage inter-agency partnerships and technical expertise for long-term cost savings to the Air Force

- Train Air Force personnel to nationally recognized NWCG standards to prevent injury and loss of life and build response capability

- Collect, analyze, and communicate key wildland fire data to demonstrate ecological benefits and risk to mission

A Network of Wildland Fire Support

Headquarters Office
The headquarters office at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, provides national oversight, policy development, planning and reporting, interagency agreements, and centralized wildfire management on Air Force lands.

Regional Offices
Three regional offices located at Vandenberg AFB, California; Peterson AFB, Colorado; and Eglin AFB, Florida, provide project oversight, asset management, and plan review and development.

14 Wildland Support Modules
Fourteen wildland support modules comprised of a team of qualified and equipped personnel conduct prescribed fire, mechanical fuel reduction, and wildfire suppression response at installations within their area of responsibility.

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Current as of December 2018

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