Air Force Civil Engineer Center Cultural Resources Program

Cultural Resources

Petroglyph - Cultural Resources

The AFCEC cultural resources (CR) staff oversees and manages the Air Force's cultural resource management program. The staff provides programming, planning, execution and budgeting, as well as consulting and contracting services to the secretary of the Air Force, headquarters Air Force, major commands and installations.

Specific services the CR staff provide include:

  • Planning and program support for conservation, including archaeological and historic building and inventories and evaluations, HABS/HAER documentation, archaeological, collections and records curation, budgeting and funding, and Tribal and SHPO consultations.
  • Drafting and assisting with Memoranda of Agreement and Programmatic Agreements
  • Providing counsel to the Department of Defense, Air Staff, major commands and installations on cultural resource funding and all other program issues.
  • Native American consultation in compliance with AFI 90-2002, "Air Force Interactions with Federally-Recognized Tribes," Section 306108 of Title 54 U.S. Code Section 300101 et seq. (National Historic Preservation Act), the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, the Archaeological Resources Protection Act and the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.
  • Managing ePLAN and reviewing Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plans and other cultural resources planning documents.
  • Archaeological survey, evaluation, and data recovery planning, budgeting, and execution

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