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Air Force Pollution Prevention

The Air Force's pollution prevention, known as P2, tool kit provides new, customizable products for use at installations Air Force-wide in creating local Earth Day and year-round campaigns.

The tool kit provides outreach materials to help installations promote P2 on a continuing basis as they move toward meeting Air Force and Department of Defense strategic sustainability performance goals of eliminating or reducing pollution before it becomes waste. It includes color logos, magnet designs, several formats for banners, three poster designs and two video public service announcements appropriate for use any time.

Conserve today, secure tomorrow is the theme of the outreach campaign, developed by AFCEC to support the Air Force's initiative to reinvigorate P2 efforts worldwide.

Pollution prevention is reducing or eliminating waste at the source by modifying production processes, promoting the use of non-toxic or less-toxic substances, implementing conservation techniques and re-using materials rather than adding them to the waste stream. The Air Force-wide P2 campaign is an ongoing initiative to educate Air Force members, including active duty members, civilian employees, contractors and family members on the importance of P2 on their installations and encourage their personal involvement.

Air Force P2 policy requires installations to minimize the adverse impacts on air, water and land from all aspects of the Air Force mission through implementation of an Environmental Management System. Air Force EMS is the framework used to identify, prioritize and manage the aspects of daily operations that generate waste and pollution.

The P2 campaign follows on the success of the Win the War Against Waste campaign that was updated in 2011. Both campaigns promote the familiar trifecta of reduce, reuse and recycle, with recycling being one component of P2.

Airmen: on YouTube
Narrator: on YouTube

Row of Airmen: Banner 01A (6.5 MB), Banner 01B (6.5 MB)
Dark background: Banner 02A (3.3 MB), Banner 02B (3.3 MB)
Single Airman: Banner 03A (6.8 MB) , Banner 03B (6.8 MB)

All blue, Blue Acts of Green: (172 KB)
Blue & green, Blue Acts of Green: (156 KB)
All blue: (144 KB)

Globes: Poster 01 (23 MB), Poster 01 smaller (6 MB)
Airman: Poster 02-A (25 MB), Poster 02-A smaller (6 MB), Poster 02-B (25 MB), Poster 02-B smaller (6 MB
Printable magnet & sticker templates
Text on white background: Magnet A (627 KB), Magnet B (634 KB)
Text and globe on beige background: Magnet 01-A (1.3 MB), Magnet 01-B (1.3 MB), Magnet 01-C (1.3 MB)
Text on beige background: Magnet 02-A (871 KB), Magnet 02-B (1 MB), Magnet 02-C (1 MB)