Water Quality

The Water Quality Management Program Area was developed to provide Air Force personnel resources to better understand and execute regulatory compliance with the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. These statutes directly impact Air Force installations, which is why it is necessary for all personnel and installation managers to have a firm grasp of the rules and regulations that are laid out by federal, local and state water regulations.

This program area provides resources on various aspects of water quality management including:

- Air Force Water Program Panel that addresses critical Air Force water quality operations and environmental issues
- Clean Water Act Service Steering Committee actions
- Safe Drinking Water Act Services Steering Committee actions
- Hydrology, water quality assessments, total maximum daily load waste load allocations, state water quality agencies and overseas environmental policy programs Air Force regional installation support teams
- EPA and other academic CWA/SDWA educational resources
- Low-impact development, post-development LID maintenance, and preservation of watersheds water quality criteria
Reduction in the quantity and improvement in the quality of discharged pollutants from Air Force mission activities
- Clean Water Act permits for waste water treatment and industrial storm water
- Modeling and water research technology