Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst EUL

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, or JBMDL, offered six non-contiguous sites totaling 500 acres; four technologies were identified with a feasibility study -- solar, biomass, waste to energy and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, or CCGT. The Request for Qualifications was written to allow the market to respond to both the technology and amount of power to be generated. A single Highest Ranking Offerer, or HRO, has been selected to develop on one or more sites was also noted to avoid offers competing against each other for queue positions for transmission.

The Opportunity: The selection of a developer was a major step in making the proposed EUL project a reality. Prior to selection, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center facilitated a feasibility study that determined there was a significant return potential for commercial energy generation. The selection was made following an industry day, held earlier this year, and a published solicitation for prospective developers. EULs are long-term agreements between the Air Force and public or private developers to lease non-excess Air Force property in exchange for cash or in-kind consideration. EUL projects cover a broad range, from renewable and conventional energy development to commercial use of real estate. Energy EULs are a way to leverage development that will upgrade energy infrastructure and save money while meeting congressionally-established Air Force goals. The Starwood/Siemens Energy Team was selected as the HRO. The proposal by Starwood / Siemans would see three of the six land parcels offered developed into various energy ventures. Once lease term negotiations and environmental requirements are complete, the final lease document will be signed.

Project Status: The Air Force is currently in negotiations with Starwood / Siemens Energy Group to lease real property at JB MDL for an energy-based Enhanced Use Lease. Starwood Siemens Team proposed to lease 3 parcels for a Solar Array, a biomass Facility, and a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Facility. Offer composed of a team of multiple significant developers with construction cost noted at $995M.

Way Ahead: The Starwood/Siemans Team is undergoing a detailed due diligence and will present a more detailed plan to include technology, size and magnitude of projects. Working with the installation to determine the best possible use of each parcel and available infrastructure. Determining easements, available grid hookups, access to local utility providers. Considering multiple technologies (biomass, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, biofuel) for site 3 along Route 70 to establish an energy park; two separate PV Solar fields for sites 1 and 6. Site 2, 4 and 5 are still being considered for future energy projects.

Points of Contact:
Air Force Civil Engineer Center
Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas