Environmental Resources Program Info Management System

ERPIMS is the Air Force system for validation and management of data from environmental projects at all Air Force bases. This data contains analytical chemistry samples, tests, and results, as well as, hydrogeological information, site/location descriptions, and monitoring well characteristics. AFCEC maintains latest official version of the ERPIMS specification and ERPIMS data structure.

The information in this area of the AFCEC website contains documents and software for use by environmental remediation contractors to submit data for ERPIMS. Among the contents of the ERPIMS database are information on the contract which generated the data, the locations and sites of the sampling events, lithology, well completion data, the samples taken, the tests run on those samples, and analytical results from those tests. ERPToolsX is the latest MS Windows-based software package which has been developed for distribution to contractors to help them in collection and entry of their data, validation and quality control of that data. ERPToolsX performs hundreds of validation checks and is quite rigorous.

Note: AFCEC will only provide support to users of this software who have completed the required registration process.

This page presents links to the official specifications and documentation that pertains to the ERPIMS program at AFCEC. Any specs, info, or programs received from external sources are not approved or endorsed by AFCEC. Users of such externally acquired software and information are advised that they do so at their own risk.

ERPIMS Data Submission Schedule Template (NOTE: Right click on the link, Save Target as to save the file,.  Locate saved file and rename file extension to XLSX after downloading)

ERPToolsX Software
The ERPIMS software is no longer available for download. Contact the Data Support Desk to have the software download sent to you through the Army FTP site, you will receive an email with the URL and password to download the software. This software requires elevated privileges to install, if you do not have admin rights to your computer please have your IT department install.  

ERPIMS Valid Values Lists(VVLs)
Many ERPIMS data fields are filled by codes which have been assigned by AFCEC. These codes are compiled into lists, each list is the set of legal values for a certain field in the database. VVLs can be accessed and downloaded through the ERPToolsX software. For more information and instructions on how to download the VVLs, see the help guide located within ERPToolsX or contact the ERPIMS Data Support Desk.

Latest ERPIMS Specifications
AFCEC documents containing the latest information on the ERPIMS data structure and specification can be downloaded from this page.

Important Notices
Check this site regularly for additional information regarding ERPIMS POC's new addresses and phone numbers.

  • The following instructions are provided to address the new guidelines in the Uniformed Federal Policy (UFP-QAPP):  Contractors should report consistent with the guidance in their Quality Systems Manual (QSM). If result is a Non-Detect, report parval=0 and mdl = LOD. If result is a trace, report estimated value and detection limit for MDL. Report LOQ for the RL field. AFCEC flagging convention will not change. 
  • The name, phone number and email address of the data submittal point of contact should always be included with the data so that an email receipt can be provided. Data submissions are subject to additional data validation and should not be considered as a one-time deliverable. After the data are inserted into the AFCEC ERPIMS database, an insert notice will be emailed. 

AFCEC has assumed the ERPIMS support mission from AFRPA for Air Force BRAC installations.

For more information:

ERPIMS Support:
(888) 656-8865