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ERPToolsX Registration Process

Use of the ERPToolsX software requires customers outside of the .mil domain to purchase an External Certificate Authority to facilitate the electronic submission of ERPIMS deliverables. The ECA is a security measure that will allow your designated personnel to enter the AFCEC secure data repository. Once an ECA has been purchased, the data submitter is also required to request an ERPIMS user-id and password.
Additional information on obtaining an ECA is available at​

Once you have obtained an ECA, you need to download this registration form, fill it out and return it to AFCEC. The return email address is

You will be required to provide the following information:

Company Name
First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
IP Address
Phone Number
Street Address, City, State, Zip Code
Single Active Contract #
Single Active Task Order #
AFCEC Government Focal Point (Contracting Officer's Representative)

You will also be required to complete:

The completed SAAR, signed ROB and Cyber Awareness Certificate should be emailed to the ERPIMS Data Support Desk at

You will receive notification including account information and guidance for obtaining the client tool and use of the application when all forms have been processed by AFCEC.