ERPIMS Maintenance Effort

The current ERPIMS maintenance effort has lead to the following benefits: 
  • Capture of data elements that support the storage of ancillary data attributes that permit analytical data package re-construction and verification. 
  • Increased collaboration and data availability for project stakeholders and data consumers. 
  • Ability for the ERPIMS database and related tools to advance in the developmental life-cycle. 
  • Compliance with a cross-departmental standard that facilitates sharing of development costs and transmission of lessons learned. 
  • Implementation of DoD mandated security controls. 
  • Correction of data validation gaps that have developed as a result of business process changes since the last release of ERPTools PC in FY 2000. 
  • Database structural changes that overcome shortcomings in coordinate data, analytical results, and validation results.
ERPIMS Maintenance Information Requests and Responses to Questions Asked: 
  • Use of this tool will require data submitters to purchase an External Certificate Authority (ECA) to facilitate the electronic submission of ERPIMS deliverables. The ECA is a security measure that will allow your designated personnel to enter the AFCEC secure data repository. Once an ECA has been purchased, the data submitter is also required to request a user-id and password from AFCEC via a registration link on the AFCEC Web Site or by calling the ERPIMS Data Support Desk. The registration forms will be processed by AFCEC and the submitter will be issued an ERPIMS database account and a password along with the URL for access to the data upload site. 
  • A suggestion was made to include a customer use field to all ERPIMS tables. This field would be defined as free flowing text. If you see value added from this request, please notify the ERPIMS Data Support Desk at Please include a brief description of how this field will be used. 
  • Proposed ERPIMS submission process flow diagram.