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Technical Support Division

Mission - The Technical Support Division strives to provide unparalleled environmental technical expertise and consultation services for restoration, compliance, and sustainability to Air Force Headquarters, Environmental Directorate, and stakeholders.

- The Technical Support Division, or CZT, provides highly skilled Subject Matter Experts and Specialists that offers technical expertise and consultation services to Air Force headquarters, the Environmental Directorate, and external stakeholders. The environmental technical expertise include the following: air quality, water quality, natural resources, cultural resources, ranges, integrated solid waste, remedial technology, engineering, chemistry, hydrogeology, risk assessment, toxicology, and technology transfer.

This Division has two branches, the Environmental Quality Technical Support Branch, or CZTQ, and the Environmental Restoration Technical Support Branch, or CZTE. These branches provide the technical expertise warranted by the Environmental Directorate to deliver environmental, scientific, and engineering assistance along with providing advice and support for planning and management on environmental needs, concerns, and solutions.

Environmental Quality

The Environmental Quality Technical Support Branch, or CZTQ, provides leadership to develop solutions to optimize sustainment and enhancement of Natural Infrastructure in support of the Air Force mission.

This branch aims to be the 'go to' organization for integrated natural infrastructure sustainment, enhancements, and development of strategic initiatives to implement solutions for pollution-prevention and compliance problems and cross-feed information on successful programs and proven technologies throughout the Air Force and federal government.

Subject Matter Experts that support this Branch provide knowledge and consultation services in air quality, water quality, hazardous waste, hazardous materials, natural resources, cultural resources, ranges, and integrated solid waste.

Environmental Restoration

Environmental Restoration Technical Support Branch
The Environmental Restoration Technical Support Branch, or CZTE, provides leadership for environmental restoration to develop solutions and optimizations, enhance methodologies and technologies, and reduce potential future liabilities in support of Air Force mission.

This branch is the Air Force go-to organization for surveillance, emerging issues/emerging contaminants, and technology transfer. Subject matter experts and specialists are knowledgeable and skilled in remedial technology and engineering, chemistry, hydrogeology, and risk assessment and toxicology.

These individuals provide high-level consultation to improve upon environmental restoration efforts and reduce Air Force liabilities.

For more information on the CZTE, click here.

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The Reach-Back Center is dedicated to assisting Department of Defense civil engineers in the execution of their mission across the full operational spectrum.
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