Former Roslyn Air National Guard Base (BRAC 1995)

Location: East Hills, New York
Total Acreage: 52 Acres
Closed: September 2000

During 1942, the site was leased by the United States Army from Clarence Mackay for an Air Defense Post of the First Fighter Command. The leased site was designated as "Sub post #3, Mitchel Army Airfield."

Prior to April 1944, access roads, seven foot barbed wire perimeter fence, Fighter Control Center (currently Building 6), emergency power building, and power distribution system had been completed. At this time, the installation was called the Roslyn Filter Center. The Roslyn Filter Center operated until the end of the war and was then declared surplus to the needs of the Air Defense Command. The Air Force re-leased the established facility in 1951 and assigned it to Air Defense Command. On January 1, 1951, ADC assigned the 503d Aircraft Control and Warning Group to Roslyn with the mission of developing a general radar surveillance system for the New York area. In 1953, the U.S. Government purchased the 50-acre facility for the sum of $250,000, the facility being designated as Roslyn AFS.

BRAC 1995 closed Roslyn ANGS, with inactivation taking place in 2000. In 2005, the former Air Force station was torn down, being replaced by the Park at East Hills.

Property Transfer
In 2006, Roslyn ANGS became the new site of a large community park, called the Park at East Hills, operated by the Village of East Hills, New York. The park features a 12,000 SF swimming facility, a water park, dog park, tennis courts, athletic fields, jogging trails, a community center and restaurant.