Gentile AFS, Ohio (BRAC 2005)

Location: Kettering, Ohio
Total Acreage: 164 Acres
Closed: December 1996

Gentile AFS was originally constructed between October 1943 and August 1944, when it became operational as the Dayton Signal Corps Supply Agency. The site was originally 116 acres in size and replaced partially wooded farmland and a former commercial airfield (Johnson Flying Service). Construction of the installation evolved from the need during World War II to consolidate U.S. Army Signal Corps Depot supply operations, which were located in 22 buildings in downtown Dayton, and Middletown, Ohio, Buffalo, New York, and Wichita, Kansas.

In 1955, the Air Force Logistics Command was formed and an official distinction between that organization and the installation was made. The host organization was designated the Dayton Air Force Depot and the installation was officially called Gentile Air Force Station. In 1962, the newly formed Defense Supply Agency established the Defense Electronics Supply Center (DESC) along with five other supply centers throughout the country. The Dayton Air Force Depot was phased out and the DESC became the principal Gentile AFS organization. In 1977, the Defense Supply Agency was renamed the Defense Logistics Agency to reflect its expanded mission. DESC's primary mission was to provide effective and reliable electronic spare parts support to all of the U. S. military services and federal agencies at the most reasonable cost.

In March 1993, BRAC placed Gentile AFS on the base closure list and announced DESC would relocate to Columbus in December 1996. In 1994, Gentile AFS became a Defense Finance and Accounting Service Center facility for the Air Force. After Gentile's closure, the town of Kettering converted the base property into Kettering Business Park. The 2005 BRAC commission closed the DFAS facility.

Environmental Activities
Environmental actions at Gentile AFS began in the 1980s. During preliminary assessment and site investigation activities a total of 40 sites were identified. Further assessments determined that 12 of the sites could be closed with no action and no use restrictions. Over 4,000 tons of sediment was dredged from the West Branch of Beaver Creek in March 2000 to address concerns with exposure to semi-volatile organic compounds.

In August 2011, a new performance based contract for environmental remediation was awarded with a focus on maximizing site closures. The contractor plans to achieve site closure with no use restriction at all three monitored natural attenuation sites and 22 of the 25 land use control sites.

Property Transfer
The area surrounding former Gentile AFS consists of residential and commercial land uses with a large industrial development located east of the station. It is located within the city of Kettering's jurisdiction. Adjacent land north and northwest of the station is in Dayton's jurisdiction.

In some reports, the former Gentile AFS is also known as the Defense Electronics Supply Center  – Dayton. Since the BRAC transfer to the City of Kettering, the property is known as Kettering Business Park.