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Former Lowry Air Force Base (BRAC 1991)

Location: Denver, Colorado
Total Acreage: 1,866 Acres
Closed: September 1994

The  first  “Lowry  Field”  was  established  in  1926  when  an  airstrip  was  built  about  two  miles  west  of  what  was then known  as  Stapleton  Airfield. The  original  Lowry  Field,  as  well  as  Lowry  Air  Force  Base,  was  named  in  honor  of Lt. Francis Brown Lowry, Colorado's  World  War  I Aerial  Observer  who  lost  his  life  on  his  33rd  flight  mission  as an  artillery  spotter.

The  site  for  what  became  Lowry AFB  was  selected  in  1935.  State  and  local  officials contacted  the  War  Department  urging  consideration  of  Denver  as  the  location  for its  new  airfield  and  training  base.

The Buckley Annex was the remaining military installation after the "Whole Base Transfer" of Lowry AFB in 2006.